Painting pottery is a fun, unique and lucrative way to raise money for your institution or organization.

Here are just a few ideas to help you reach your goals:


Personalize your next school auction with studentsí hand-painted pottery -- something that the parents will truly cherish.

Tiled Table:  Clay Dreaming can custom build a solid hardwood table and install the tiles that your  
    students paint.

*  Dinnerware Sets:  Each student can get there hands in on this project! 
*  Fingerprint/handprint platters:  A wonderful group idea for preschoolers.


Have your next fundraiser right in our studio, and Clay Dreaming will give 20% of the proceeds back to your organization.


Beautify your institution with a tile wall installation, for all to enjoy.  Purchase tiles  from Clay Dreaming at a discounted price, and resell the tiles to you donors and/or painters at your own mark-up price.

To set up your personalized fundraiser, call 978-927-1414, or email
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