Pick a piece to paint.  Choose from over 300 designs of prefired bisque ware--ranging from utilitarian platters, bowls and mugs, to vases, picture frames and light switches.  For the kids, we also offer a wide selections of fun figurines to choose from. 
Pick your paints and supplies. We offer over 50 different colors and types of glazes.  All of our glazes are non-toxic.  We also offer a library of design books, stencils, stamps, and sponges to create your designs.  A Clay Dreaming staff member is always present to help in creative coaching, consultation and inspiration.

We dip and fire your piece.  After your piece has thoroughly dried, Clay Dreaming will dip your piece in a clear glaze and fire it in our kiln.
Pick up your new work of art! Your pottery work of art will be available for pick-up in approximately 7 days.  Enjoy!


$5.00, for the first hour; $2.50 each additional hour
includes staff instruction, use of facilities, tools, materials & paint

Repeat Visit: (for finishing a project): $3.00 per hour

Bisqueware is priced separately, ranging from $3 - $75. 
Price includes glazing and firing fees

Clay Dreaming makes it easy for any person of any age to paint their own unique pottery. 

Come relax, socialize, and have fun in our beautifully warm setting studio environment.  Feel free to bring your own refreshments!
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