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8-week course.  $285.

   Tracie Koeplin

For students who have some basic clay knowledge and wish to expand their clay  experience--particularly in the realm of wheelthrowing.  Review of basic throwing techniques are demonstrated; as well as more challenging forms and techniques such as lidded forms, spouts, handles, series of forms, and connected sections.  Students are encouraged to work more independently and come with their project ideas.  As in all classes, individualized direction and encouragement is given.

Materials fee: $35.

Thursday Evenings, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Session 1:  May 10 - June 28
Session 2:  July 12 - August 30



Independent Study is a great option for students who feel comfortable working on their own, and/or can not commit to a weekly scheduled class-- yet still enjoy the benefits of a communal atmosphere.  Take advantage of unlimited studio access in our fully equipped studio.

Materials Fee: Glazing and firing fees are included in cost of purchased clay, $35 per 25lbs.

Commitment options:
Monthly rate: $139/month
                         (no long-term commitment)
Annual rate:  $119/month
                       (one-year contract with monthly payments)
Pre-paid year: $109/month
                         (pay up front, save $360!)

To register, call (978) 927-1414, or e-mail


For registered students

Open studio time is included in all adult class fees* and highly encouraged!  Significant progress in your clay skills can be made by practicing between classes.  The studio has very liberal open studio times to take advantage of.  While there is undoubtedly an abundance of collaboration between artists, it is requested that student come prepared to work independently during their visits.  The open studio schedule for registered students can be found on our here.
8-week course.  $285.

    Adam Bogosian (Mondays)
                         Cory Upton (Tuesdays)
                         Debe Holland (Wednesdays)

This class is for students experiencing clay for the first time, or for those who desire a refresher course.  Students will gain basic foundations in both wheelthrowing and handbuilding skills. 

Wheelthrowing topics include wedging, centering, shaping, and trimming.   Handbuilding topics teach use of studio equipment-- slab roller, extruder, tools and textures-pinch, and coil.  Students are also presented with aesthetic considerations, simple glazing techniques, and studio safety.

Materials Fee:  $35.

Monday Evenings, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Session 1:  May 7 - July 2
                     (no class 5/28)
Session 2:  July 9 - August 27

Tuesday Evenings, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Session 1:  May 8 - June 26
Session 2:  July 10 - August 28

Wednesday Mornings, 10:00am - 12:00pm
Session 1:  May 9 - June 27
Session 2:  No Session



8-week course.  $285.

   Jameson Copp

Handbuilding in clay relieves one of the disciplined, streamlined symmetry from the wheel, and challenges one to create interesting forms--that are at least balanced enough that they do not fall over!  Discover the gratification of freeing your creative sprit with simply your own hands and some basic tools, as this class aims to teach basic principles and aesthetics of sculpture.Beginner students will learn to translate their ideas and drawings into 3-dimensional forms, creating their own unique sculpture projects.  Techniques include relief carving, coil, and slab construction.  Surface decorating and glazing techniques are also presented.

Materials fee: $35.

Wednesday Evenings, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Session 1:  May 9 - June 27
Session 2:  July 11 - August 29

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