Adult Classes

Open studio time is included in all adult class fees and encouraged! 

Significant progress in your clay skills can be made by practicing between classes.  While there is undoubtedly an abundance of collaboration between artists, we request that students come prepared to work independently during their open studio visits.   Sign up below!

This class is great for students with a bit more experience than beginners for both wheel throwing and hand building. Over the span of 8 weeks, each class will have a demonstration in the beginning of class.

During the wheel throwing we will be working through wedging, centering, shaping, and trimming. Handbuilding will go over pinch pots, coils, as well as studio equipment— slab roller, extruder, and tools. There will also be discussions regarding design and aesthetic considerations regarding the final step of your piece, the glazing process! 


Mondays 6:30-8:30pm

Thursdays 10:00-12:00pm

Saturdays 12:00-2:00pm

Clay 2: Intermediate

This class is designed for people who already have some clay experience and want to expand their knowledge! That means this class is not intended for people who have not already learned how to wedge, center, and make basic forms independently.

Each class will have frequent demonstrations, and the instructor will base them off what the class is interested in learning! More challenging forms and techniques will be addressed such as— lidded forms, spouts, handles, and more. You’ll be encouraged to work independently and come up with your own project ideas!

Offerings: Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm

Join studio instructor / potter JoAlice Stockwell Tuesday evenings to seek advice, critique and insight.  This night is designated for more experienced potters who work independently, but also desire a group setting with hands-on guidance.  Come with project ideas and receive individualized direction and encouragement.
Clay 1 & Clay 2 are required to be taken prior to signing up for this class.
Material fees are extra.

Beginner Handbuilding

This class is great for beginners, and provides basic handbuilding methods such as pinch, coil, and slab construction to create both functional and non-functional forms. You will learn how to sketch basic forms, and then translate your ideas/drawings into 3-dimensional forms! The goal is to Surface decorating and glazing techniques will also be addressed.

Offering: Fridays 6:30-8:30pm

Advanced Handbuilding

Love handbuilding, and need space to grow your skills? Welcome to Advanced Handbuilding! Let’s create more complex sculptures and learn techniques such as— relief carving, sgraffito, and the multitude of surface techniques that clay and handbuilding can offer. Surface decorating and glazing techniques will also be addressed.
Offering: Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm
Clay Dreaming Next Sessions

Classes typically fill up quickly, and we work on a first come first serve basis for any open spots. There is a waiting list, and that can be a way into the class if anyone gives up their spot, please don’t hesitate to call to be placed on the list. Wait lists do not carry over from session to session. Join our mailing list to get information regarding new sessions beginning and exciting workshops!

Open Clay Studio

Are you a registered student at the studio? Come on in and practice your clay skills! Open studio time is included in all adult class fees, and practicing can result in significant progress. The studio has open studio hours every day at various times, and the calendar can be found on the home page, 

While there is often an abundance of experienced potters and artists in the studio to collaborate with, coming prepared to work independently is requested.

Family Clay: parents/adults & children age 6+

Little Fingers:  ages 6 – 8

Kids Clay:  ages 9-12

Teen Clay:  ages 13-18

This 6 week program will introduce children to the fun world of clay! Hand-building will be the focus as well as decorating and painting.


This 6 week program will introduce children to the fun world of clay.  Wheel-throwing & Handbuilding will be taught as well as decoration, painting, & glazing.


This 6 week program will introduce children to the fun world of clay.  Wheel-throwing & Handbuilding will be taught as well as decoration, painting, & glazing.


Whether your teen is a beginner or working on their portfolio, this 6 week program is an excellent option for teens interested in clay. Students will be introduced to hand-building and the wheel as well as surface decoration, painting, and glazing.

Baby Print Tiles

Cherish your little ones (the way they were) for a lifetime with our Baby Print Tiles. Capture hands & feet with a handmade 7×7-inch tile.  Choose from several different glaze colors!

WHEN: By Appointment

COST: $60 (includes glazing.firing fees)


Independent Study is a great option for students who feel comfortable working on their own, or for students who cannot commit to a weekly scheduled class.  Students registered for Independent Study enjoy unlimited access to the fully -equipped clay studio during “OpenStudio” hours.


Create art on your own schedule and meet a great group of potters in the process!  We offer a relaxed, communal atmosphere where you can share ideas with others or focus on your own work.

Choose from two great options:

12 Consecutive Month Commitment:

$155 per month

No Commitment/Month-by-Month:

$177 per month

Clay Parties

Share the experience with friends!

Our clay workshop/party is the perfect option to try something new together.  Up to 10 people, 90 minutes with an instructor, all materials, glazing and firing included

Completed items ready to pick up in about 2 weeks.  Ages 9 and up.


For a more personalized experience, meet 1-on-1 with an instructor!

Perfect for beginners or seasoned potters in need of a refresher. Add another for a perfect date night!  😊

90 minutes with an instructor on the wheel or handbuilding, all materials, glazing and firing included.  Completed items ready to pick up in about 2 weeks. Want more?

Our 4 lesson package will expand your knowledge to trimming, handbuilding, & glazing.